Hello World,

Great news! I’ve recently found out that I have been accepted to volunteer doing HIV EP (Education and Prevention) in Gulu, Northern Uganda, for this summer with the Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program (CVAP)! This has been a long project in the making and I am thrilled to actually see it come to life.

I have been volunteering within the field of HIV EP for just over a year now and I absolutely love it. I initially chose to get involved with HIV EP for an ethnographic fieldwork research paper for my undergrad degree in Honours Anthropology at Concordia University. My article, “HIV 101 : Education and Prevention as a means of humanizing HIV”, will be published this spring, along with other ethnographic research papers gathered by Concordia’s Anthropology Department, in a book called “Stories from Montreal”.

I volunteered as a workshop facilitator giving HIV 101 and Safer Sex workshops in high schools, youth groups and community centres. I was inspired by the life stories of the people I was surrounded by in the field, plus I got to urge students to name genitalia as they squirmed uncomfortably and laughed awkwardly. Priceless. As I began my fieldwork, I remember listening to an interview on the CBC radio about the anti-homosexuality bill that Ugandan legislation was trying to pass in parliament, and the effect that this was having on HIV EP. I was aware that CVAP existed and decided that it would be my goal to go to Uganda the following summer to volunteer. It would be a step towards a career in HIV EP.

One of the main founding goals of CVAP was to focus on HIV EP, and try to eradicate HIV transmission and reduce stigma for those living with the virus. Fortunately, CVAP also believes in sustainable development. This means that they work with the community on projects that they chose and in ways that are meaningful to the community and meet their needs.  Sustainable development is important if we are going to move away from preceding trends of international aid, which in many cases only furthered the dependence of the country receiving the “help”. CVAP believes in economic, socio-cultural and environmental sustainability.   If you have a minute, you should read about their awesome new volunteer compound here.

So, how can CVAP address HIV in a manner pertinent to Gulu, Uganda? Stay tuned to find out.

I recently posted a video on youtube and facebook celebrating my acceptance and asking for both financial and moral support from people like you! The money will benefit the community in Uganda, and all of CVAP’s projects. There is no amount too small or too large, but my goal is to raise $ 1,800 by March 10th.


If you’re in Canada and would like to make a donation, you can do so via online banking.

If you are outside of Canada, I have a paypal account but also accept cheques.

In any case, cheques, e-interact transfers, and paypal can be made out to: Jade Cambron

My e-mail address is: jade.cambron@gmail.com

THANK YOU for your support and encouragement!

If you are in town, I encourage you to come to my Wine and Cheese fundraiser next Saturday, March 5th from 5 – 7 p.m.

Much love,