Hello, hello dear blog readers,

So, one week in and things are looking good! I had mentioned in my last post that I wanted to set up a bike repair workshop for CVAP volunteers and manual for the bikes that are going over to Uganda. So, last week I checked out Concordia’s bike repair workshop, The Right to Move, who will most likely help us in our bike-related endeavours. It was great! I didn’t fix much on my bike, tightened the spokes (I think it’s also called truing my wheel), and straightended out the wheel rim using hammers! Man, do I hit a lot of potholes!  It feels good though to be able to learn to fix this stuff myself.  The staff were super helpful, not to mention knowledgeable about the intricacies of bike fixin’. On the bike repair agenda for next week: shortening my chain and changing the casing on brake cables (or something like… this is regurgitated knowledge from one of my many bike-conscious roommates).  Here’s a list of other great bike resources in Montréal.

Je ne devrais pas trop me les peté mes bretelles, mais quand même… j’suis contente de d’apprendre des nouveaux habilités! Sont quoi vos bûts pour l’été? What are your goals this summer? O que você quer fazer esse verao?

In Uganda related news, I am happy to say that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill wasn’t passed by the Ugandan Parliament. From my understanding, according to the Globe and Mail, this could just be temporary and the bill may be altered to remove the death sentence, but that doesn’t mean that the bill will be dropped altogether.  You can read more about it here.  The organization, Avaaz.org**, mentioned in the article is a great international activist organization that petitions governments all around the world for social, environmental, and economic rights. Even if you don’t plan on signing any of their petitions, I recommend that you check them out to see what’s going on in the world.

**Avaaz.org est aussi disponible en français; ça vaut la piene de checké.  O site avaaz.org eh tambem disponivel em portugues! Vale a pena visitar o site**

Et pour vous laisser, une chanteuse Africaine, Nneka, avec un message important et une bonne toune en tête: