Why am I not in Uganda? Where am I? What am I doing?

As you might have guessed… I am not in Uganda.

Why am I not in Uganda?

– I am not in Uganda because the trip for May and June were cancelled due to an uprising in Uganda. As mentioned in my last posts this has to do with food security issues and soaring prices (food, gas, and other commodities). Protests began on April 15th as a result of rising food prices. The civilian protests have resulted in a strong military presence in the streets, over 170 injured, and a hand full of casualties, not to mention the 4th arrest (the last time being quite violent) in three weeks of the official opposition leader, Besigye.  For more information/news reports, check out my last post here.

Group one (May and June) has been accepted to go in the second group (July and August). Of course, if the violence continues, then the trip will be cancelled. Jamie, CVAP’s director, is confident that things should calm down in the next two months. I have faith that CVAP will make the best decision for everyone involved. I have decided that I would still like to go to Uganda, however, I can change my mind at any time. If I don’t go to Uganda this summer, then I would like to go next year.

All donations will still go towards their original purposes. In the event that the trip is cancelled, and I am unable to go next year, I would like to donate all of the fundraised money to CVAP and their partner organizations in Uganda.

– So, if you’re not in Uganda, where are you?

I found out a week and a half before I was supposed to leave for Uganda that the trip had been cancelled. Fortunately, there was still room at my beloved Shire (my communal apartment — check out our blog here!) in Montreal.

After I got the news I felt annoyed. I felt angry. Why do people have to die for the right to eat? Why are we (as Canadians) not doing more about impending climate issues? Is Capitalism at fault? Globalization? Apathy? Greed?

So, I decided to stay in Montreal and DO something with all of this energy.  I’ve decided that instead of leaving to go WWOOFing right away, I should use this as motivation to try and affect change.

-Alright, but how are you gonna do that?

Truth is, I am not totally sure. So far my game plan includes:

  1. Setting up a bike repair workshops for volunteers going to Uganda and to help with the publication of a how-to bike repair guide to be sent over with the donated bikes to Uganda.
  2. Be on the planning committee for some sort of conference/event around food security and climate change issues. Try to reach as many people as possible and get them to engage/think critically about what kinda (food/global) systems they’re taking part in, and give them resources and tools for change. (Hm. This sounds like a mighty big task).
  3. Take part in a Medcins-Sans-Frontière introductory meeting; thinking of ways how I can affect change in the future (i.e. after I graduate next year).

And then…

  1. Spend part of my summer outside, learning about agriculture and connecting with people. Haven’t decided just where yet… but, will let you know when I do.

I just wanted to thank you all for your continued love and support!

Send some good vibes to Ugandans… actually… just send some good vibes to anyone… we could all use them!

I appreciate you reading 🙂